Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Carnaval 2011 Comes to Mérida and Hogar Nueva Vida

As Carnaval 2011 (March 2nd through March 8th) blew into the heart of downtown Mérida, the once relatively-quiet city was thrown into a spinning collection of lights, music, food and the joy of unbridled celebration. While many around other parts of the globe celebrated with varying pre-Lenten festivities, Mérida ushered in a week of elaborate parades, free downtown concerts and dozens of food and beverage vendors ready to serve any and all who came to celebrate the week's events.

In hopes to celebrate such a special time of year for all of Mérida, the girls of the Nueva Vida Shelter spent the afternoon before Carnaval creating and decorating masks similar to those worn in the parades during this time of year.  The masks were then displayed throughout the rest of the week and finally given to the girls to take home and enjoy for the holiday weekend.

As Carnaval celebrations have finally drawn to a close, it is our wish that everyone may experience a sincere and blessed Lenten season.


  1. Beth, congratulations on this beautiful venture. I know the people of Merida, and the US will be truly blessed by your efforts.
    From the pictures I can see you were at the Day Care. That was the highlight of my visit when I was priveleged to be there in 2006. God bless, Kathy

  2. Thank you so much Kathy! It has really been a pleasure to be able to bring more information about the Mission to all of our friends around the globe.

    I am so happy to hear that you were able to visit the Daycare in 2006...hopefully you can make a return visit to see us soon! Thank you so much again!