Monday, March 28, 2011

New Computer Helps Girls Learn at Hogar Nueva Vida

Bowie (Left) and Williams with
recent donation.
The Mission of Friendship is pleased to announce the arrival of its newest technological addition: a computer for the girls of Hogar Nueva Vida! Early last Tuesday, Mr. Roger Bowie and Mr. Joseph Williams, members of the Mérida Men's Group, delivered the computer along with a variety of microphones, diskettes and other computer software for the girls to use as they progress throughout their academic studies.  The computer, originally William's, was donated after he had heard of the Mission's need through Bowie and the rest of the organization.

The Mérida Men's Group, in conjunction with The International Women's Club (also of Mérida), have been consistently attentive to the needs of the Hogar Nueva Vida throughout the past years. Members volunteer a variety of services beyond generous gifts, including transporting weekly foodstuffs from local markets to Hogar Nueva Vida, dressing up as holiday characters for Christmas and Halloween and performing repair and maintenance work on the Hogar's various buildings.

As for now, the new computer will be placed in the Computation Room near the girl's classrooms.  This important tool- in conjunction with others at the shelter- will allow the girls to learn basic computing skills, ultimately preparing them for high school and greater career options beyond graduation.

Special thanks again to Joseph Williams, Roger Bowie and The Mérida Men's Group for their generous donation.

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