Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Children of Los Amiguitos Daycare Center Present Carnaval 2011

Girls from Los Amiguitos presenting a themed dance
for family and friends.
While the joy and excitement of Carnaval 2011 (see Carnaval 2011 comes to Mérida and Hogar Nueva Vida) has already given way to a more serious Lenten season here in Mérida, the Mission of Friendship doesn't want to say goodbye to all of the celebration without first sharing a Carnaval presentation given by the children of Los Amiguitos Daycare Center, a branch of the Mission of Friendship established in 1987 and funded by the Pallotines of the Immaculate Conception Province (New Jersey).

As a way to celebrate the Carnaval season, annual presentations have become a staple of school district calendars and an anticipated activity of both children and staff alike.  While older teens in high schools around the city often present dances in the annual parades, younger children in pre-school through middle school often host their own celebration as a festive equivalent.

Presentations include the crowning of a king and queen, along with a variety of well-rehearsed dances. Costumes are often a mix of rented attire as well as clothing especially tailored for the occasion.  Specifically, the Carnaval presentation for Los Amiguitos featured over 20 children with an overall estimated attendance of 60 family and friends.

The Mission of Friendship would like to send a special thanks to Director Silvia Gonzalez and the staff of Los Amiguitos for their hard work on making Carnaval 2011 a success!

For more information concerning the Pallotines and the Society of the Catholic Apostolate (Immaculate Conception Province), please visit  http://sacapostles.org/

Above: Children from Los Amiguitos Daycare dance after
the coronation of the king and queen.

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